Upcoming Artists
9/30/1993 R. Dela Font Hypnotist 'You will spend more money' says me.
10/2/1993 Doug Supernaw He never tasted tequila he did not like- crazy
7/17/1993 38 Special Fun southern rock
10/15/1993 Cheap trick Crazy Yankee Rock
11/11/1993 John Micheal Montgomery A very special show- Thanks
12/16/1993 Toby Keith ' feed the need" on the way to the top
11/19/1993 Jerry Jeff Walker
10/16/1993 Crown Royal Tour Restless Heart, Marty Stuart, Pirates of the Mississippi
4/6/1994 Carrot Top Yes - Can call 1-800…
6/26/1994 Warrant Came to visit in-laws and played a gig
7/16/1994 Smithereens Blew the place to… yes, to smithereens

7/25/1994 David Lee Roth How did Van Halen let this guy go?
7/31/1994 Wide Spread Panic Coolest show we ever did
8/17/1994 Loverboy Just working for the weekend
3/24/1995 Cinderella Rocked so hard their glass slipper broke
9/22/1995 Kenny Chesney With Amy Comeaux Few people knew how memorable this show would be
5/17/1994 Great White There was no pyro man
3/20/1996 Candle Box They were as hot as their name
6/21/1994 Chippendale Dancers
8/9/1994 David Ball 'He got a thinkin' problem' is one of his songs
2/24/1995 Bud Light ladies night We all dress in drag- the biggest in the entire USA
8/14/1995 Last night 18 Year olds can drink legally

12/19/1995 Toups 'Feed Need' Sold out
3/21/1996 Lonestar Usually Country Western bands do not do well but they did fine
2/13/1996 Bryan White The girls love him
9/22/1995 2,500,000th Customer
8/29/1996 trace Adkins What you see is what you get
12/17/1996 Mark Wills feeds the need He is a great guy and a fine talent.
8/8/1997 CMT comes to Texas Club They heard we had a 'cool' country crowd
1/23/1997 Deana Carter First Saturday show Look ma- no shoes
10/17/1996 James Bonaney Sold out; free cat show; no doe show
4/18/1997 Singled Out with MTV Huge crowd; MTV singled us out

3/14/1997 Neal McCoy  
6/20/1997 Rick treveno  
8/19/1997 Cheap trick Free; Eagle 98
9/19/1997 David Kersh  
10/7/1997 38 Special The boys are back where they belong
11/7/1997 Pat Benatar Monday Concert was sold out.
She's still got it.
12/4/1997 Wayne Toups "Feed
the Need"
Sold out; Raised more food for the hungry
12/8/1997 Ratt Sold out on Monday. How much fun can we have on a Monday night?
12/29/1997 Kenny W. Shepard Young Blues Rocker who is hot
1/29/1998 Crown Royal Tour Mark Chesnutt, David Lee Murphey, Gary Allen
3/19/1998 Rhett Akins Sold out; Free; CAT Country

3/3/1998 Bad Company Powerful Stuff
4/21/1998 Robin trower Eagle 98
5/22/1998 Mark Wills  
5/5/1998 Louisiana Leroux Leon got them back together
6/23/1998 Original Foghat Lonesome Dave is back
8/11/1998 America Horse with no name in a Cowboy Club
10/9/1998 Shepherd Returns Kenny Wayne does the blues
7/29/1998 750th male show dancers
7/1/1998 3,000,000th Customer
12/15/1998 Ty Herndon
1/22/1999 Crown Royal Tour Mark Chesnutt, Gary Allen, Chely Wright
2/18/1999 Chris Ledoux Rode his bull on stage. Sold out
12/18/1998 Don Gay And Bull riders come by

3/9/1999 Little River Band Before they became a casino band
3/19/1999 David Kersh Sold out; CAT Country
4/27/1999 G. Thorogood Sold out; 13 years later, he is just as bad to the bone as before
5/11/1999 Eddy Money He was a hard worker who had many hits
9/16/1999 tracy Lawrence Sold out; he is peaking
11/5/1999 38 Special
10/28/1999 Toups 'Feed The Need' Sold out; Raised 3 tons of food for the needy